Mt Mable Angus - Stock for Sale - Annual Bull sale 2023 Sale Catalogue - Mt Mable Angus

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Mt Mable Angus - Stock for Sale - Annual Bull sale 2023 Sale Catalogue

Stock For Sale
Mt Mable Angus
The home of quality cattle bred for what is REALLY important ..........
- constitution, fertility, longevity, actual carcase
- all while being a pleasure to handle
– think you cannot have it all ........time to think again.

Kevin & Megan Friel - 625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543


Watch the page  or Facebook for further updates.


Below is our Latest Catalogue - 2024

Click on images to enlarge and YouTube button to see the bulls video

Lot 1 - Mt Mable 2223 PV

Impressive scanning data from an impressive bull. The Flyn cows are long lived and very productive. Flyn 321 has weaned a fabulous full brother and is in calf in first cycle again this year.

Lot 2 Mt Mable 2227 PV

An excellent Intrigue bull who will impress all who see him. Very good raw scanning data and ebv's to match. If you do not agree with our assessment or recommendation of this bull then one of us is in the wrong business. Dam has weaned an excellent Pandemic.

Lot 3 Mt Mable 2229 PV

Excellent bull who catches the eye of all whom visit. Very nice pedigree.
Stern Puke 08292 is a maternal half brother to the famed Braveheart. Fast growing, larger framed cattle will be the result of the family tree.

Lot 4 Mt Mable 2228 SV

Stand out quality bull from a very nice Reality sired cow from the Flamingo line. 809 is of course the dam of Intrigue 1790. A lot to like. Impressive growth and balanced scanning for all traits.

Lot 5 Mt Mable 2216 PV

Tried and true pedigree on every line of this bull. Margo has put her stamp on all her progeny. Soundness is a given here. As structurally correct as you could find anywhere. Very nice bull.

Lot 6 Mt Mable 2247 PV

Another very nice bull from the Flamingo line with 250 being a sister to Intrigue 1790's dam. Add in Dazzling 1705's easy keeping, easy calving and great nature into the equation and who could possibly want more?

Lot 7 Mt Mable 2215 SV

This bull will sire incredibly fast growing, robust and sound cattle. 747 was the dam of Summit 32 and has had a huge impact on the Mt Mable herd through that bull. Excellent pedigree filled with longevity.

Lot 8 Mt Mable 2222 PV

A larger framed bull with a nice collection of cow lines behind him. The Bond cows are a type with Fat Boy in there for good measure. If big weaners and growth is your market - here is your bull.

Lot 9 Mt Mable 2226 PV

This bull's 2020 full brother sold for $20,000 with Flame 33's 2019 bull by Bond selling for $15,000. Plenty of potential in this beautifully quiet bull. Sharp eyes will see that Flame 546 is aunt to Mt Mable Thor 660.

Lot 10 Mt Mable 2213 PV

We are really excited by the Charlie cattle and this extra quiet fellow no exception. Charlie was bought for $17.5k as a calf at the Rangatira dispersal. Moderate, beautiful heritable nature and fabulous carcase.

Lot 11 Mt Mable 2219 PV

Pandemic over Big As has worked every time and with the goodness of Summit 32 so close also you know that this bull will never let you down and his daughters will be in your herd for years to come. Multiple Callie cows here and elsewhere. A brother to dam sold to stud.

Lot 12 Mt Mable 2264 PV

The full brother of this impressive bull was sold in 2023 for $17,000. This bull is well worth a very close look also. The Kiwi line and Matriach 76 have been a feature of our herd for some time.

Lot 13 Mt Mable 2242 SV

Closely related to 2229, Lot 3, via cow line. Different pedigree for those looking for an outcross. Has been caught up in fighting. 2021 1/2 brother by Intrigue 1790 sold last year for $16k to an excellent cattle judge.

Lot 14 Mt Mable 2201 PV

Excellent example of new over old. Kismet 920 calved a very nice Rangatira 13-38 bull in 2023 and has been scanned incalf in the first bull cycle as an 11 year old cow. This bull displays her lovely nature.

Lot 16 Mt Mable 2240 PV

The versatility of Pandemic and his stamp of quality over a variety of cow lines is more than apparent here. This bull a very high quality character with exceptional carcase expression. Eye catching.

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