Mt Mable Angus - Stock for Sale - Annual Bull sale 2023 Sale Catalogue - Mt Mable Angus

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Mt Mable Angus - Stock for Sale - Annual Bull sale 2023 Sale Catalogue

Stock For Sale
Mt Mable Angus
The home of quality cattle bred for what is REALLY important ..........
- constitution, fertility, longevity, actual carcase
- all while being a pleasure to handle
– think you cannot have it all ........time to think again.

Kevin & Megan Friel - 625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543


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Below is our Latest Catalogue - 2024 Lots 17 to 31

Click on images to enlarge and YouTube button to see the bulls video

Lot 17 - Mt Mable 2225 PV

First calf for Black Bess 583 as a two year old heifer. The Intrigue 1790 heifers are pleasing us. Nice bull with a varied pedigree. Certainly worth a close look.

Lot 18 Mt Mable 2237 PV

The Intrigue x Big As just works. Add in the Benjie cow line and this bull will appeal to a wide variety of farmers. Meat and power from Intrigue and softness and durability from Big As. Pet like nature.

Lot 19 Mt Mable 22100 PV

Cracker of a bull for later born - M24 has been a productive cow since we bought her at Waitewheta Angus dispersal sale.This bull will tick a lot of boxes - some you don't even know you have.

Lot 20 Mt Mable 22105 PV

Fast growing later born bull worth a second look for discerning bull buyers. Intrigue x Reality here again with the added interest of Captain 644 in there too. Meaty, robust constitution - a very good bull.

Lot 21 Mt Mable 2241 PV

A very impressive bull who scanned very well for all the traits. Beautifully bodied which is backed up by his data and pedigree. Atlantic 158's bulls have been well received at previous sales and her breeding daughters are doing everything right.

Lot 22 Mt Mable 2250 PV

First calf from a two year old heifer. Easy calving should be assured. Grandam's 2021 bull sold to stud. A chunky monkey with extra grunt and constitution.

Lot 23 Mt Mable 2244 PV

Very nice son of Charlie. Etic 788 was a favourite and a pet cow.Her daughter 518 is following in her footsteps of producing great cattle. This is her second calf, with a quality heifer calf weaned in March

Lot 24 Mt Mable 2230 PV

Attractive Dazzling 1705 bull out of the lovely kind Bubble line. Bubble 513 is ofcourse the dam of Big As 779 who bred some fabulous cows. You can see them and their progeny in this catalogue.

Lot 25 Mt Mable 2261 PV

The Flamingo line of cows well reflected in this catalogue. Charlie just adds to the equation with softness and fantastic conformation. Integrity 1716 was used and then sold to a local commercial farmer.

Lot 26 Mt Mable 2254 PV

The Charlie cattle will be the one's to watch going forward. His beautiful nature and fantastic body shape are apparently totally heritable. Cassie follows on from her then aged mother's productivity.

Lot 27 Mt Mable 2295 PV

Yet another tidy Charlie bull who will shift anywhere and add value to any breeding programme, no matter the goals, climate or terrain.

Lot 28 Mt Mable 2212 PV

Dam has weaned a slashing Charlie bull calf this year and is in calf to Pandemic again in the first cycle this year. A pedigree full of hugely productive Mt Mable dams. Worth consideration.

Lot 29 Mt Mable 2235 PV

Another quality Pandemic bull from a long lived and productive cow line. Judy 355 has weaned a full sister and her first heifer calf is breeding well at Finnis Angus.

Lot 30 Mt Mable 2221 PV

Fourth bull calf for the maternal sister of Intrigue 1790 with prev 3 all selling for above the average of those auctions. Two heifers have been sold to studs where they are performing well.

Lot 31 Mt Mable 2270 PV

Interesting pedigree results in a handy go anywhere robust bull. Beautifully natured animals on all sides of the pedigree - well worth close inspection. Dam's half brother by Mt Mable Dazzling 1705 has been used as heifer mating bull over stud heifers.

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