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Mt Mable Angus - Herd Sires Profiles - past and present

Mt Mable Angus
The home of quality cattle bred for what is REALLY important ..........
- constitution, fertility, longevity, actual carcase
- all while being a pleasure to handle
– think you cannot have it all ........time to think again.

Kevin & Megan Friel - 625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543

Mt Mable Angus - Herd Sires Profiles - past and present

Cricklewood Pandemic P056 was bought in partnership with Kenhardt Angus  from Nuhaka for $92,000.  He is superbly well fleshed, stands on four excellent  feet under four very correct legs.  Pandemic has a very smooth shoulder, strong  head and jaw, and an incredibly kind eye.  We are very excited to introduce such  a stylish quality bull into our herd.  The bull’s sire is a son of Mt Mable Thor  660 who has bred, or grand sired, multiple stud bulls for the Rangatira stud  including:

Rangatira 13-38 - Click here for pedigree sold for the then on farm record price of $100,000 (image below)

Rangatira Icebreaker 13-59 - Click here for pedigree
Rangatira Maximus 15-47 - Click here for pedigree  (image below)
Rangatira Taurus 15-1 - Click here for pedigree  (image below)
Rangatira 15-21 (sire of Pandemic) - Click here for pedigree
Rangatira 15-16 - Click here for pedigree
Rangatira 15-74 - Click here for pedigree

and two new stud bulls sold this year

Rangatira 18592 - Click here for pedigree
Rangatira 18695 - Click here for pedigree
Also a son of Icebreaker sold for top price at Taimate Angus, Taimate P97  ET $26,000 to Grampion’s Angus. - Click here for pedigree





Atahua Jac’s 23-90 (103220902390) - Click here to view pedigree

Jac’s was bought at Totara Hill’s dispersal sale in 1993 by Allen and Maisie and was still in use when Kevin and Megan took over the farm. Sadly we do not have a photo off him. Jac’s stood until he was 9 years old with the last of his calves born in 1999. His legacy was strong meaty cows with good heads, feet and temperaments. His milk figure was a disaster being -3 (for no apparent reason – his cows milked as well as anybodies) and if we had followed the trend of the time of chasing a high milk figure we would have stopped using him. The last of his daughters 967 (born 1998) is rearing a calf and in calf in 2012. His grand-daughters share their mothers all round quality and Jac’s cemented fleshing into the Mt Mable herd.

Kaharau Power 935 (17683096935) - Click here to view pedigree

Power was bought at Kahurau’s bull sale in 1998 by an Bruce Orr – PGG Wrightsons Stud Stock Manger on Kevin’s instructions as we were expecting the birth of one of our babies. Power was a meaty, easy fleshing bull with very good feet. He went back to Pine Drive Big Sky. He sired predominantly bulls for us and these sold very well. The few cows that go back to him have made an impact on the herd.

Kahurau Prosper 226 (17683097226) - Click here to view pedigree

Prosper was generously lent to us by Colin Williams after a mishap with a bull we had bought at Kaharau’s 1999 auction – we were naturally disappointed not to be able to use the bull we had bid on however the impact that Prosper went onto have on our herd cannot be overstated. We retained a son – Mt Mable Summit 32 (12188000032) and bred some outstanding females from Prosper. After two seasons he was returned to Colin and we tried and failed to repeat the performance by panic buying another K Prospect 92 son at Colin’s 2000 sale. Sadly that bull did not live up to our expectations however. The bull we had really wanted sold for $40k that year and the top price was $50k – it was a lesson well learnt about not buying unless we really liked the bull. The quality of our females meant that we bred some pretty handy cattle from K Prophet 670 (17683099670) but the fact that I am not going to give him his own heading probably says it all.

Kaharau Ambassador 491 (17683098491) - Click here to view pedigree

Ambassador was an ET son of the famous Pine Drive Big Sky. His flush brother was the top priced bull at Kaharau at the same sale we bought Ambassador. Ambassador bred very good bulls for us with the majority of his progeny being male. We still have a few of his cows in the herd who are breeding very well for us. In spite of his US pedigree Ambassador was an easy doing bull who put meat in all the right places.

Mt Mable Summit 32 (12188000032) - Click here to view pedigree

Summit was out of our fabulous Jac’s cow Mt Mable 747 who calved every year until she was 16. 747 was incredibly meaty and thick, and Summit took after her with the added frame from K Prosper 226. Summit has put many cows into the herd and not only did we retain a son Mt Mable Fat Boy 373, we sold two more stud bulls and another bull at the 2007 Beef Expo by him. The meatiness of his pedigree comes through but this is not reflected in his figures – hmmmm?! His name will feature in bull sale catalogues for several years yet through the sound breeding of his daughters and grand-daughters.

Ranui T.C 901 (158430000901) - Click here to view pedigree

Ranui was bought at the Beef Expo in 2002 when we were having a crisis of confidence about our figures or lack thereof. We bought this TC Stokman 365 son as he had a good milk figure. This was before we made a conscious decision to never select bulls on their figures. He was a nice bull to have around and crossed incredibly well with our good Jac’s cows. His extra large frame and all around American style did not sit well within our breeding policies however and he was only used for two seasons. The cows that are in the herd are exceptional however and continue to breed well for us. The right crosses produce the likes of Mt Mable Master 476 who was sold at Beef Expo to Turihaua Stud in 2010.

Waimata H539 (17568001539) - Click here to view pedigree

Waimata was bought at the Gisborne combined sale in 2003 for his New Zealand pedigree and in an attempt to out cross the heavy loading towards Pine Drive which our herd was heading towards. Waimata was a typical example of his breeding with good meat and feet. We still have a few very useful cows by him but he was injured when running with the commercial cows after already being used in the stud in only his second year. It was a lesson learnt about not overworking a bull.

Cameron of Stern 0299 (1217000299) - Click here to view pedigree

Cameron still reigns supreme as the best tempered bull we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The fact that he was licking the vets leggings as his certificate for fitness to travel was being completed says it all – he was a pet and we were devastated when he was injured during our move to Pukerimu. Cameron was a son of the famous Hingaia Tex 469 who was elevated to super stardom when the Australians discovered his meat and feet attributes – sadly after he was dead. His semen became highly sought after and expensive. Lucky for us James Fraser of Stern stud near Pleasant Point had several straws and flushed a very good cow – two of the resulting progeny were Cameron, and Stern Exact 185 – it was Exact who first raised our interest in these Stern cattle on the herd tour but James retained him and we beat off some serious competition to buy Cameron at the 2004 sale – paying $28k for the privilege. He has repaid us over and over – we have sold four stud bulls from him and retained another, Mt Mable Max 327. Cameron daughters and grand-daughters will dominate the herd for many years to come. The temperament of these animals has to be seen to be believed. We have recently introduced two more Stern bulls who we think highly off who both go back to Exact 185 – thus cementing the quality of Hingaia Tex 469 within the herd – we will have to be very careful to ensure the pedigrees do not get to close but believe it to be worth the extra work.

Stern 03321 (12170003321) - Click here to view pedigree

321 was a large meaty bull bought at the 2005 Stern sale with totally different bloodlines – going back twice to Fossil Creek Shadow. We are not usually a fan of pedigrees being so close but as we had no other similar blood lines gave it a shot. 321 is another bull who’s figures do no justice to him whatsoever – he was incredibly thick and meaty and regained weight incredibly quickly after coming away from the heifers. He did not have the sweetness which oozed out of Cameron but was quiet and easy to handle nonetheless. 321 bred well for us as an easy calving bull – his calves just popped out which his just below average birth weight figure certainly does not reflect. We used him until it became problematic with his heifers coming through – we spread them out amongst the other bulls to start with but it was not ideal to have heifers spread in amongst cows and calves so it was time for him to go.

Mt Mable Max 327 - (12188005327) - Click her to view pedigree

Max was sired by Cameron out of a GT Maximum power house cow. He had quality stamped all over him as a calf and it was a natural decision to retain him for our own use. Max was calm, although not as friendly as Cameron, meaty and easy doing and has left some great females. His bulls have sold incredibly well - the last going through the sale ring in 2012. Max was injured in the same incident which ruined his sire and although he kept going for another couple of years we decided that the risk of running a less than perfectly sound bull with our cows was to great. Again his legacy of quality stock will continue in the herd for sometime yet.

Kaharau Mast 189 (17683005189) - Click here to view pedigree

Bought at Kaharau’s 2007 sale Mast was a deep meaty bull with an attractive pedigree. He had an exceptional temperament and perfect feet and fit in very well with the Mt Mable herd. We sold a son Mt Mable Master 476 at Beef Expo 2010 to Turihaua Stud for $25,000 and out of his 169 calves we will have many daughters to select from. He injured himself before the start of 2011 mating season so his last calves were born in 2011. We were very sorry to send him away as he was a really nice bull.

Kaharau Zest 71 (1768300571) - Click here to view pedigree

Also bought at Kaharau’s 2007 sale which was a lot flatter than normal so affording us the opportunity to buy two bulls. Zest’s very strong New Zealand pedigree was a strong selling point for us – on sale day he was meaty and thick however he grew to be quite coarse in the head and was not as fleshy as his pedigree would suggest – he was not our favourite bull and was not used heavily – we did get some very nice cattle out of our best cows but Zest joins some others as a learning experience.

Mt Mable Fat Boy 373 (12188006373) - Click here to view pedigree

Fat Boy lives up to his name with meat in all the right places. He was born in 2006, the last calf from a very old cow. He is sired by Mt Mable Summit 32. His first registered calves were born in 2010 and a total of 13 of his son's were sold at our 2012 auction.  The average sale price of the 13 bulls was $7776 which was fractionally higher than the whole catalogue average for that year with two bulls going to Kaharau/ Rangatira Stud..  One of those bulls Mt Mable Thor 660 has gone onto sire multiple high priced stud bulls for the Dowding’s with one in particular Rangatira 13-38, selling for an on farm record sale price of $100k in 2015, which is yet to be beaten.  13-38 stands at Cricklewood stud and has had semen used in multiple herds with top prices being achieved for both male and female progeny – all the more satisfying as both the Dowdings and ourselves were held up for public ridicule on several occasions for both breeding and using a bull which had “such dreadful data”.
There have been Fat Boy bulls in our sale catalogue every year since 2012 and there will still be some in 2021 as we are using him again in the 2018 mating – Fat Boy is sound, active and incredibly fit for an old bull but 2018 will probably be his last year.  We have many daughters breeding very well in our herd and will have the name Fat Boy in our pedigrees for years to come.  His semen has been used in the Beef and Lamb benchmarking programme and we await the results with interest.  Hard to see what it will tell us that we do not already know about a 12 year old bull but interesting none the less.  When his semen was taken as a r10 year old the technician commented on the superb quality and remarked that this was the only time he could recall where “the bull” (13-38), the sire (Thor 660) and the Grandsire (Fat Boy) had all had semen taken in the same year – he commented that it was unlikely that all three generations of any breed, would still be alive anywhere – we tend to agree with him.  Semen for Fat Boy is available for use in NZ only.

Mt Mable Big A 415 (12188007415) - Click here to view pedigree

Big A is a son of Cameron of Stern 0299 and a full brother to Mt Mable 274 who was sold to Twin Oaks and Oakview studs for $18,000 in 2007.

We used him over a select group of cows and then sold him at our 2009 sale to Tarangower Stud. We have retained most of the heifers sired by him and used a son Mt Mable Big Al 580 (12188009580) as a yearling, before selling him at Beef Expo 2011 to long standing buyers Hope and Moya Gower. As with his sire we have retained most of the heifers for breeding and there are several very nice bulls, who scanned exceptionally well, in the 2013 sale catalogue.

The photo is a son of Mt Mable Big A 415 [Mt Mable Big Al 580 (12188009580)}

Kaharau Totara 07585 (1768300785) - Click here to view pedigree

This bull was bought as Lot 2 at Kaharau’s 2009 sale with the highest actual scanned eye muscle and EBV from all the Kaharau cattle that year – his incredibly strong head, great feet and easy fleshing was a major attraction for us. He had a wonderful temperament and liked nothing more than a good scratch – especially around his ears. We had three seasons use from him. He will have calves born in 2012 but recurring complications from a massive stone bruise sadly ended his career with us prematurely. We thought highly of this bull and look forward to seeing how his progeny pan out.

Stern Rimu 08419 (12170008419) - Click here to view pedigree

Rimu was bought as Lot 99 at Stern’s 2010 sale – we thought that James was joking when he pointed out Lot 99 as a great stud prospect – until we saw this bundle of meat and hefty weight born 3 months after his peers. An added attraction for us was his obviously beautiful nature and his Hingaia Tex 469 bloodlines on his dam’s side. He has perfect feet and his calves on the ground so far are very exciting for us and we look forward to years and years of breeding from this exceptional bull. We were sorry that Stern’s sale was a little flat that year but very happy that it afforded us the opportunity to add this stylish individual to our herd and we are still very happy about that!

Stern Puke 08292 (12170008292) - Click here to view pedigree

Puke was also bought at the 2010 Stern sale – we expected to have to pay much more than we did for this fabulous bull who was well marked in the catalogue before we even trekked to Timaru and as a result of the bidding not being as hot as it should have been were able to get his mate (see Rimu) too. Puke has frame, outlook, style, meat and feet – his mother is the dam of Stern Braveheart – a bull that James’s thinks a lot of and whom has been used as a semen sire by several stud’s – ours included. He is sired by Exact – again cementing the Hingaia Tex 469 stamp in our herd. Like Rimu, Puke’s calves are outstanding and we look forward to some exciting times as his progeny make their mark in both the sale ring and the breeding paddocks.

Mt Mable Master 476 (12188008476) - Click here for pedigree

A son of Kaharau Mast 189 who out of one of the Ranui cows who made it through to the herd due to her Jac's connection. Master stood out since he was a calf and was an obvious choice for Expo '10. We used him over a selection of cows and then he was thrown in the deep end when an older sire bull looked to be not working - as it turned out Master's services were not really required as only the original cows that he was running with and another handful of the larger mob calved to him. He was rested and prepared for Expo and caught the eye of Hamish Williams of Turihaua Stud (amongst others) and now calls Turihaua his home. We have bulls by him on our 2012 sale and all but one or two of his heifers have been selected as replacements.

Mt Mable Captain 644 (12188010644) - Click here for pedigree

This is a son of Master out of a Power / Jac's cow Mt Mable 28. One of her previous bulls Mt Mable Summit 393 was sold to Tarangower Angus. All of her bulls have been sold for breeding. Captain is a strong, larger framed bull with great conformation and feet. He was used as a follow up bull to Stern Braveheart A/I in 2011. We will watch for his calves with a great deal of interest and look forward to years of breeding from this stylish bull who we rate very highly.

Turihaua Century E6 (ET) (17691009E6) - Click here for pedigree

This bull was bought at Turihaua's record sale of 2011. His sire was sold to Te Atarangi and Ngaputahi studs and was used at Turihaua stud in the donor dam programme. Tuirhaua and Te Mania Angus brought his grandsire Te Mania Unlimited U3271 into the country originally. Century is a complete outcross for us and his smaller stature and beautifully smooth shoulder will cement his role as heifer bull for hopefully some years to come. We look forward to seeing his first progeny born in 2012.

Mt Mable Big As 779 (12188011779) - Click here for pedigree

Big As as retained from our 2011 calf drop. His name relates to both the line of A’s started with Big A sold in 2009 to Tarangower Angus and then Big Al who was sold at Beef Expo to Hope and Moya Gower. He is not as large a bull as his name may suggest but with a back end like a tank and a smooth beautifully conformed body. His divergent pedigree made him a suitable candidate for retaining. He ran with a mob of mixed age cows with 94% scanned in calf rate and has secured his position in our sire team. He has a beautiful disposition. There will be no surprises to those that follow our breeding to know that he shares his great grand dam with Captain and that cow Mt Mable 890 is a daughter of 490.

Kaharau Defiance 10-589 (17683010589) - Click here for pedigree

Defiance has some very old Rangatira genetics in his cow line which gives our pedigrees a bit of a stretch out. Defiance was selected for his strong head, good conformation and general all round quality. His carcase figures do not do him any justice as he is naturally well fleshed and regained his condition incredibly quickly after coming away from the cows. He was given the short end of the stick this year by being left out on the hills for longer than the other sire bulls and this photo shows just how well he recovered. He is not as friendly as many of our other bulls as appeared to have been upset by trucking – Megan was able to get her hand on him on sale day. The longer he is here the more relaxed he has become. His calves have real grunt and we look to the first of his bulls going through the sale ring in 2015.

Mt Mable Admiral 129 (12188014129) - Click here for pedigree

Mt Mable Admiral 129 – this Captain son out of Mt Mable 33 a large meaty  cow who was 15 when this bull weaned – sadly this was her last calf after she  suffered an accident before calving the next year.  This bulls has quality  stamped all over him – we used him only lightly to avoid tying up the pedigrees  to closely.  Bulls for sale in 2018/19.

Kay Jay Bond H521 (13516012H521) - Click here for pedigree

This bull is referred to by us as the “silver lining bull” – we had a bull  emergency during the 2016 mating and luckily this bull who we had seen  advertised for sale earlier when we thought we had a full team was still at Kay  Jay – we feel so lucky to have been able to buy a bull of this quality at a  pinch.  He has a beautiful character filled nature, strong well formed feet,  frame and meat and as a bonus a completely different pedigree.  We watched his  sons sold at Kay Jay in 2017 with one reaching the top price and the rest  selling mostly above the average of what was a very good sale.  His calves on  the ground this year look very promising so far .

Taimate Vintage 269 (12865012269) - Click to view pedigree

This Clarion son was the pick of the 2012 crop at Taimate stud – Paul  Hickman used him as a yearling and then put him in his two year old auction.   The bull is smaller framed but has perfect feet, temperament, conformation and  constitution.  We are looking forward to his quality daughters coming through  the herd – his first sons sold well in our 2017 sale and we expect at least  three more crops of the same quality yet – especially as we have seen how he  crosses with our cows and have mated accordingly.

Rangatira Mack 15-32 (1581901532) - Click here for pedigree

Rangatira Mack 15-32 was the top priced bull of any breed in the 2017 sale  season – we beat of some serious contenders to buy this wonderful bull for  $50,000.  Semen will be available in NZ for the 2018 season and has been  certified for export to Australia – semen to Australia is available from now.   His cows have been carefully selected and we cannot wait to see calves on the  ground in 2018.  Bulls will be available from 2020.

Mt Mable Intrigue 1790 (1218801790) - Click to view pedigree

We kept this 3rd Oct 2017 born bull and expect his first calves this month. Named Mt Mable Intrigue 1790, he is out of a Fat Boy cow by the Kayjay Bond bull. Obviously he was used as a yearling and has never eaten anything other than grass and hay and his mother’s milk.
He weaned at 5 months and 3 days at 318kg, was 544kg at 400 days and 748kg at 600 days.
We would consider taking semen if enough interest - we expect the fat EBV's on this bull to change completely once his progeny are scanned. Already the carcase ebv's of his sire create disbelief and raise questions for all whom see the bull in the flesh.

Mt Mable Durabull 1662 (HB 1218801662) Click to view pedigree

The last calf of 13 year old 03-198.   03-198 was in turn one of the breeding daughters of Mt Mable 947 a grand old  Jac’s cow calved in 1998.  One of her bull calves was sold at the 2007 Beef Expo  to Motere Angus and bred very well for them as Mt Mable Big Ted 310.  Durabull  is an easy fleshing, beautifully footed bull with a character filled nature.  He  was used lightly as a follow up bull in the 2017 mating.  In 2018 five bull  calves were born to him with four of them considered of high enough quality to  be catalogued in our June 2020 bull sale.  One was withdrawn pre sale and the  other three bulls were all sold for an average of $10,166.  There are several  more promising calves born in 2019 which promoted Durabull to full herd bull  status and he impregnated his entire mob of cows at the top of our highest hill  paddock in the 2019 mating period.  We are delighted with his 2020 born calves  and have his cows picked out for the 2020 mating. His calves are easily born and  vigorous from the get go.

Tangihau Deano 17415 (HB 16883017N415) Click to view pedigree

Deano is a long smooth bull bought for $28,000 at Tangihau’s inaugural on farm  sale.  Sired by Stern 10610, a Braveheart of Stern son, his pedigree is stacked  with quality, tried and true genetics.  Another two of his paternal brothers  were sold to stud for $62,000 and $42,000 the same year, and then another  brother sold from Cricklewood stud for $35,000 in 2020, such is the quality of  the sire.  We have been impressed with Deano’s first calves in the 2020 calving  with most of them being born 5 – 10 days earlier than the aged foetus scanning  would have indicated.  His calves have been easily birthed, of moderate weight  and fast growing and we will be very happy to present his first sons at either  our 2021 yearling bull sale or as two year olds at our June 2022 sale.

Mt Mable Dazzling 1705 (HB 1218801705)
Click to view pedigree

This impressive son of Matauri Reality 839 has bred incredibly well for  us.  He was used over second calving heifers in 2018 with his first bulls  passing through the sale rostrum in the yearling sale of 2020 and the two year  old sale in 2021.  He and another Reality derivative 2018 born bull were then  used as yearling heifer mating bulls with startling success.  The only assist  was an unexpected set of twins where the first calf’s presentation was breech.   All other calves were a case of turning up in the morning to weigh and tag the  calves.  The same two bulls have covered all the yearling heifers again for the  2020 mating however he has now been promoted to herd bull and will only have the  biggest 10 yearling in his mob of second calving repeat matings.  He stands on  near perfect feet and has a beautifully kind and calm nature which his calves  all inherit.  His dam line includes the reliable Mt Mable Max 327.  We expect  progeny from this bull to be in our sale catalogues as both dams and bulls for  many more years.

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