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Mt Mable Angus - Information and Client References

Mt Mable Angus
The home of quality cattle bred for what is REALLY important ..........
- constitution, fertility, longevity, actual carcase
- all while being a pleasure to handle
– think you cannot have it all ........time to think again.

Kevin & Megan Friel - 625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543

Mt Mable Angus - Information and Client References

The difference between Facts (reality) and Fiction (assumed figures)

27 April 2016 – 10 Mt Mable steers killed at Silver Fern Farms. Average live weight of 534.10 kg. Average carcase weight of 290.5 kg. All 10 steers graded within the Silver Fern Farm’s Master Grade as per their EQ system – it is a rarity for a mob of animals to achieve a 100% inclusion rate – the national average for New Zealand is apparently 29%. So rare apparently that Kevin White, the local Silver Fern Farm’s buyer did not initially send the kill sheets through – he wanted to check with the processing plant that all 10 had in fact been accepted into the EQ Master grade. All of these animals were steered because they were the poorest bull calves at weaning time – effectively cull animals – they had only ever received grass or silage and were given no special treatment. Their average Angus Pure index was $80 against the breed average of $116 and their Carcase weight EBV was an average of +26 against the breed average of +54 – again strongly suggesting that the Australasian Group Breedplan does not reflect Mt Mable cattle fairly or adequately. In a recent newspaper article a prominent South Island breeder, breeding solely for carcase data (estimated) stated that fodder beet is the answer to consistently marble New Zealand beef – based on the above we strongly disagree and suggest that while it may be the case for the genetics imported from feed lot finishing countries – it is not our experience of our New Zealand bred cattle .................... obviously.

29th April 2015 – 8 Mt Mable Angus steers killed at Silver Fern Farms. Average live weight of 564.52 kg. Average carcase weight of 305.18. 7 out of the 8 steers graded within the Silver Fern Farm’s Master Grade as per the recently implemented EQ system – one steer did not – this animal developed temperament issues – despite a past President of the NZ Angus Assn advising us in 2010 that quiet animals graded terribly at the works, seemingly the ones that are anxious grade even worse.

These steers had an average Angus Pure index of a measly $87 – the breed average as at 29th April 2015 is $115 – so according to Breedplan these animals, where seven out of eight graded Master Grade, were more than $28 below breed average?

The Power of the NZ Gene pool – a proven experts view   

Click on the image below to view the full video

The power of the Mt Mable Angus gene pool – an actual view

“100% of steers sent accepted in EQ Master grade in 2016. 7 out of 8 steers in 2015. The national average is 29%”

Mt Mable mustering video

Jacob Ladd who is a very new Angus NZ registered breeder, recently relocated to  Taranaki.

These are his comments “Heifers have settled in well and will  be making the move to Taranaki in the next month” and then some time later “all  five heifers we purchased off you calved easily and are being great mums.  Eagle  is doing great with her twins (full disclosure was made at time of sale that  Eagle 609 was carrying twins)  They are a pleasure to have and work with”.



The happy buyer is Sam Moore who is managing property in Tararua and Sth Wairarapa.

Mt Mable reply: Thankyou to Sam, a new buyer of Mt Mable cattle for this lovely video of Mt Mable 2095. Intrigue 1790 has left a line of quality bulls. We'll have high quality sons for sale again in June.

These heifers were bought at our 2022 inaugural heifer sale by Sam Mann for his  newly formed Angus stud – here are some of his comments “Love the temperament on  these girls, we are stoked to have them, think they are a nice even line all  together and Archie loves coming to feed them.  The photo of the calved heifer  is “Just a quick snap of 618 that has just had a lovely little bull calf this  afternoon – such great mums.  Had it cleaned up and in 10 minutes already having  it’s first drink – a great day to be born!”


"We have started tagging the calves in the last few days. (Only done 40 so far) But those we have done are noticeably quieter than other years.  Do not mind being handled/oral drenching a breeze.  Do not try to fight or bellow their heads off in the head bail.  Am thinking it's the nature from those MT MABLE cattle coming through? Certainly makes the job a breeze. Hope the rest are the same.  Wow, amazing. It's like tagging dairy calves."

Colin and Joanne, Northland  - “happy calves, happy farmer”

Received a photo of Mt Mable Ebony 140. Calved in 2014 he was used in the stud as a tail up to A/I over heifers. Of his 9 calves born in 2017, all 4 bulls were sold as paddock yearling service bulls, av $3,800 and all 5 heifers were sold for breeding av $1,092. He was then sold to a local farmer who has used him every year since. The comment accompanying the photo was "going on the truck. It's been a good innings". In his 9th year some fresh blood was needed.

Hamish Menzies from Rakaiatai, Dannevirke.


Hi Megan and Kevin,
Just letting you know we had another excellent scanning result. 37 R2 hfs all in calf and 55 MA cows all in calf.  The R2 heifers includes the ones we bought from you.
The Poole's farm near Weber.
click on images to enlarge

Dear  Kevin and Megan,  
All the best for tomorrows sale , sorry unable to come down , just wanted  to say how pleased I am with yearling bull purchased last year , 1 bull covered 40  Angus cows and heifers , two empty and calving started 10th August , at 22nd Sept only two  left to calve and no assists to date. Many Thanks Harry Baragwanath.    
Harry Baragwanath & Bridget (Bid) Clark

Hi Kevin and Megan,
Here's a couple of photos of our first Mt Mable sired  bull calves. They were born in October and averaged 246 kg last week. We  sold them to Kereru Station. Nice solid calves with beautiful  nature. Hope the Autumn is treating you well. Regards, Dave and Deb.
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2013 Sale - Mt Mable Totara 748 (Herd Book No 12188011748). He was bought by Penvose Angus, Wedderburn and Delmont Angus, Clinton for $11,000.

We have been a repeat buyer at Mt Mable for 10 years because we find the bulls have very good temperment, structural soundness and do well on our high country farm and leave good fattening and breeding prodigy.

Alan Roberts - Timahanga Station (Client for 10 years)

NZ Farm Life Media - article published on Alan Roberts - Titled "Irreplaceable Cows"
Read the full article (or read the PDF attached here)

When purchasing a bull we look for the following:
    • Excellent confirmation
    • Quiet temperament
    • Ease of Handling
    • Durability

Mt Mable Angus Bulls display all these qualities without a doubt.
We have been purchasing bulls from Mt Mable over many years and followed Kevin & Megan to Pukerimu Station sales because we consider their bulls just that good.

Any follow up dealings with Kevin & Megan have been handled extremely professionally and friendly.

Geoff Jarvis - Taumarunui (Client for approx 30 years)

As a neighbour of the Mt Mable stud 25 years ago, I observed strong, honest hill country cattle. I began purchasing their bulls and have done so ever since. I have found them to be inherently easy calving and quiet cattle, that finish easily to good weights.
The bulls have been reliable and sire well as older bulls.

Richard Neeson - Taumarunui (Client for 23 years)

We purchased our first Mt Mable Angus Bull in 1990. We have had twenty two of their bulls in total. We have found them to have excellent temperament, good fertility and sound feet – very good hill country bulls. Have made our herd into a top quality and performing herd with very good weights and ease to handle and calving.

We have been buying Angus Bulls since 1958. Mt Mable Bulls have been the best.
Hope & Moya Gower - Ruapehu (Client 22 years)

We run a very steep hill country property west of Kaikohe, Northland and have purchased Mt Mable Angus bulls for the past seven years.

The No.1 attribute is their outstanding temperament and constitution. Have calved the heifers, autumn as 2½ year olds unassisted.

The conformation of the progeny goes hand in hand with the rest of the makeup of our animals.

Our progeny are sort after when they are sold by repeat buyers.

We can thoroughly recommend Mt Mable’s Angus bulls for any situation. They are very adaptable.

Grant & Alexa Acteson - Northland (Client 7 years)

Steers from Mt Mable bulls sold to Acteson’s repeat client. They are in drought in Northland and these steers are living on silage. These photos were taken in 2013.

(Below - Photos of our heifers at 2 ½ years in Feb 2012)
click on photos to enlarge

We farm 420 Angus cows on the South Head Kaipara peninsula. This ischallenging steep, sand based coastal country.

Over the last 10 years we have purchased 16 bulls from Mt Mable Angus Stud. We have been impressed with the progeny from Mt Mable bulls. We have noticed an improvement in temperament in the herd and are very pleased with the early maturing of young stock.
We will continue to support Mt Mable Angus with our annual bull purchases.
Ken P. Bayer - Kaipara (Client 10 years)

Mt Mable Bulls sold to other Stud Breeders
click on photos to enlarge

2012 Sales:
Mt Mable Viking 693 for $20,000
Sold to Pikoburn Angus - Tuatapere
Herd book 12188 0 10693

Mt Mable Thor 660
Sold to Kaharau Angus - Gisborne
Herd book 12188 0 10660
At right is a photo of Mt Mable Thor 660 - taken at Coventry Station in Gisborne yesterday (1 Feb 2015) – the bull is now r5 - click on him to enlarge and see how he has continued to grow out.

Mt Mable Norse 640
Also sold to Kaharau - Gisborne
Herd book 12188 0 10640

Mt Mable 425 DOB 1989 sold to Tarangower Angus at home for $7,300
Mt Mable Legend 630 DOB 1993 sold to Pinepark Partnership (also Dandeloo Stud) at National Show and Sale 1995 $14,000
Mt Mable 274 DOB 2005 sold to Oak View and Twin Oaks Studs at home 2007 $18,000 *
Mt Mable 324 DOB 2005 sold to Mangapapa Angus at home 2007 $12,500
Mt Mable 289 DOB 2005 sold to Puketoi Angus at home 2007 $8,000

Mt Mable Big Ted 310 DOB 2005 sold to Motere Angus at Beef Expo 2007 $13,000

Mt Mable Summit 393 DOB 2006 sold to Tarangower Angus at home 2008 $9,500
Mt Mable Big A 415 DOB 2007 sold to Tarangower Angus at home 2009 $10,000 *

Mt Mable Master 476 DOB 2008 sold to Turihaua Angus at Beef Expo 2010 $25,000

* Full Brothers

Mt Mable Thor 660 DOB 2010 sold to Kaharau Angus at home 2012 $11,000

Mt Mable Viking 693 DOB 2010 sold to Pikoburn Angus at home 2012 $20,000

Mt Mable Totara 748 DOB 2011 sold to Delmont and Penvose Angus at home 2013 $11,000

Bull 460 sold at 2009 sale to the Bremner family near Wairoa (photos supplied)

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