Mt Mable Angus - Good Reasons to buy Mt Mable Cattle - Mt Mable Angus

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Mt Mable Angus - Good Reasons to buy Mt Mable Cattle

Mt Mable Angus
The home of quality cattle bred for what is REALLY important ..........
- constitution, fertility, longevity, actual carcase
- all while being a pleasure to handle
– think you cannot have it all ........time to think again.

Kevin & Megan Friel - 625 Jackson Road, R.D.1, Woodville 4997 - Phone: (06) 376 4543

Mt Mable Angus - Good Reasons to buy Mt Mable Cattle

  • Our cattle are generally naturally easy fleshing and we cull on cow’s do-ability – as a result Mt Mable Angus cattle are soft and quickly regain weight – even when milking. If they don’t – there is no room for them in our herd.

  • Our cows are run commercially – there are no longer commercial cows on Pukerimu – the stud cows do the job for us.

  • Mt Mable cattle are synonymous with longevity, soft easy fleshing, fantastic natures, good feet, good structure and lots of coat. All attributes that EBV’s do not reflect at all. If the bull is not good enough he is not catalogued – simple!!

  • Our cattle are bred for real (as opposed to “estimated”) performance and replacements heifers selected on the actual performance of their female relatives – figures do not come into it. Performance for us is the ability to consistently produce replacement stud heifers or bulls that are selected for the sale catalogue. Traditionally more than 75% of our bull calf drop is expected to be catalogued – every year. Dry cows are not tolerated – our usual calving is 97 – 99%.

  • Cow’s come to the front of the station when calving – this is a management tool as there is only Kevin and Megan to feed out, and check them, and tag and record calves born – in addition some of the young stock at the back of the station require supplements during the same time period. For the rest of the year the cows are out cleaning up the hills. If the front flats need cleaning up and we have enough supplements made already they are mobbed up and brought forward to do the job.

  • Any animal that gives us trouble is culled – if their behaviour at calving is undesirable their calf gets a non stud tag and is also culled. As a result of our strong stance our temperaments are second to none.

  • We use horses for much of the cattle work and for most of the time when calves are at foot. Dogs are used except for when the calves at foot are very young. As a result Mt Mable bulls work for both horses and dogs. In addition the cattle are all used to being handled on foot and with bikes.

  • Some of our current buyers have been buying Mt Mable bulls since our first sale in 1986 – many others have been coming for 15 years or more and still others travel very long distances to come to our sale – we appreciate all our buyers support.

  • The herd has been built up slowly and carefully – on the rare occasion when a bull is introduced that fails to live up to our expectations we do not make a fuss we just cull everything that has not been reprieved by being out of our best cows – even then if the quality is not what we would expect away they go.

  • We prefer not to catalogue anything with scrotal circumference of less that 38 cm. We use our own structural assessment format as Kevin has been involved in breeding cattle for over 30 years – we do not catalogue anything with feet or conformation that we consider could let our reputation down – we stand behind our guarantee and are the most disappointed on the rare occasion that a problem occurs after sale.

Sale at Ohura 2007 - quiet bulls
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